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Triple Column Cash Book Questions and Solutions

Problem and Solution of Triple column cash book with solution  of class 11

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Problem 1

The following cash and Banking transactions are given

February 1: Balance of cash in hand 50000 and at Bank 110000

February 8: Cash deposited into bank 10000

February 12: Received cheque of 20000 from a debtor after deducting discount of 1000

February 15: Paid rent by issuing a cheque of 7000

February 20: Out of goods purchased from Gopal for 20000 paid cash 10000 and balance by cheque.

February 25: Issued of 19000 to the creditor after deducting 5% discount

Required: Triple column cash book           (Ans: Balance: Cash 31000, Bank 103000)

Problem 2

Following Cash and Banking transactions are given:

June 1:  Cash Balance 100000 and Bank Balance 20000

June 3: Purchased goods worth 50000 at 10% discount

June 5: Cash is withdrawn from Bank for officer use 5000

June 6: Out of a total of 10000, 9500 is paid to Vishnu and settled the account

June 11: Salary paid 10000

June 12: Cash deposited into Bank 10000

Required: Triple column cash book                         (Ans: Balance: Cash 30500, Bank 25000)

Problem 3:

Following Cash and Banking transactions are given

July 1: Cash in hand 2000

July 2: Cash sales 12000

July 5: Deposited into bank 10000

July 7: Paid to Ram by cheque 5300

July 9: Received a cheque from Shyam of 3900 and paid into the bank. Allowed him a discount of 100

July 10: Withdraw 2000 from the bank for office use.

Required: Cashbook with necessary column                        (Ans: Balance: Cash 6000; Bank 6600)

Problem 4

Following transactions are given to you

Jan 1: Cash in hand 15000 and at bank 7000

Jan 2: Received cash from Mr. Kamal 9900 discount allowed, 100

Jan 3: Deposited into bank 5000

Jan 4: Purchased merchandise for 5000 and paid by cheque.

Jan 5: Sold merchandise on account 6000

Jan 7: Received 5000 from the customer by cheque and deposited on the same day.

Jan 8: Sold merchandise from cash 7000

Jan 9: Paid to Rakesh 9800 by cheque, discount received 200

Jan 10: Paid wages for labor 10000

Jan 11: Paid telephone bill of the previous month of 6500

Jan 16: Received from a customer of 5900 in full settlement of his account for 6000

(Hint: Transaction of Jan 5 is not recorded in Cashbook because only cash transactions are recorded in cash book)

Required: Triple column cash book                         (Ans: Cash balance 16300 and Bank 2200)

Problem 5

The following information is extracted from the books of Mr. Shilesh.

May 1: Opening balance cash 9700 and bank balance (Overdraft) 5000

May 7:  Cash deposited to bank 6000

May 13: Cash received from Mahish 5950 in full settlement of 6000

May 17: Paid cash to Ashim 3975 in full settlement of 4000

May 22: Cheque received from Naresh and deposited into bank 9900 and discount allowed 100

May 24: Drawn from the bank for office use 4000

May 26: Paid by cheque to Bikash 5450 and discount allowed 50

May 29: Withdrawn by Shailesh for household purposes 1000

Required: Cash book                                             (Ans Cash balance 8675 and Bank balance 1450)

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